"Food Expo 2019 In HK"


We will plan on attending "Food Expo 2019 In Hong Kong"
It will be held from 15 August to 17 August at Hong Kong Convention Centre.
It would be great if you come by.
We were just looking for potential OEM partners.
If you have a question,please contact us.

Vamos exposicion en Food Expo 2019 in Hong Kong"
 La exposicion es  el 15 hasta el 17 de Agosto
"Food Expo 2019 in Hong Kong" tiene lugar Hong Kong Centro de Convenciones.
Estamos buscando un socio OEM
Tenemos,eh,tipos para hacer eso.

Nous participons a Food Expo 2019.
ll se tiendra au Hong Kong Convention Centre du 15 au 17 aout 2019.
Nous recherchons des partenaires OEM.
N'hesitez pas a nous contacter si vous avez des questions.