Our new product


Our new product is fron Philippine.

Turmeric Brew
Pandan, Convination od Sweetrners(Stevia,
Wild Honey,Raw Syger)

1,It  contains curcumin,a substance that helps
alleviate pain.
2,It helps prevent the risk of heart diseases like
hypertension by improving the blood pressure.
3 It is also helpful if used alongside with main-
tenance medication and other anti-diabetic drugs
as it is known to optimize the lowering of blood 
suger to normal values.
4.It helps lower cholesterol level.It is also suggestd
to be taken with lemon or Calamansi at night where
production of fats is at it's peak.
5.It also contain Ginger which is widely known to help
ease cough and colds.

Turmeric is known for promotiong liver health.
It helps protect the liver from toxins such as alcohol.
It is the best way to provent and cure a hangover.

125g 8USD
335g 16USD